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Aqua Gard - Water Proofing for Bathroom's Shrunken, Water Tanks, Tapper Roof and Terrace

Aqua Gard is flexible, acrylic polymer modified, cement based, two component water proof coating material. Aqua Gard can be applied over concrete and masonry surfaces. Aqua Gard can be applied by ordinary brush. 1 Kg. of Aqua Gard cover approximately 5-6 sq.ft. per two coat.

Where to use : Aqua Gard can be used in Bath Rooms, Top Floor Terrace, swimming pools and water tanks. It is ideal for box type waterproofing. It can also be applied on external surface since it provides excellent resistance to carbonation attacks. After application water should be sprinkling for next two days.

Aqua Proof Lwp

Aqua Proof Lwp improves the durability of concrete by reducing water demand by 10-15%. Prevents sulphate penetration from ground water. Reduces concrete segregation and eliminates bleeding.

Aqua Proof Lwp is a very good construction chemical for water proofing work of any kind of cement work especially concrete work.

Coverage : 100 ml of Aqua Proof Lwp is sufficient for 50 Kg. bag of Cement.

Aqua Bond Repair (ABR)

Aqua Bond Repair (ABR) is Styrene Butadiene Rubber based multi-functional material. Concrete made with ABR has excellent compressive and tensile strength. Improves bonding between old and new concrete, improves flexibility, reduces shrinkage, and water penetration. Inhibits corrosion and weathering effects.

Rain Coat

High performance waterproof coating for all types of externally plastered & concrete walls, especially for the rain lashed walls. Unlike ordinary exterior paints, it provides dual benefit of aesthetics with waterproofing property to external walls.

Summer Cool Coating

In summer we can reduce the heat inside the home by coating this cool coat powder on the terrace. If we mixed with Aqua Bond Repair it gives two benefits as it reduce the heat inside the home upto 5oc and works like water proofing.

Krack Filler

KrackFill is a White cement-based single component material, which is useful to fill exterior & interior cracks.

It is very good material for outside, inside &water tanks of 1/2 to 3 mm. width cracks.


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