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Falcon Putty


We, Sri Meera Traders supplying a product of Falcon is the white cement based wall care putty, manufactured by experts in the field using fully automatic machines. It is powder form material which requires only onsite addition of water before use. It is economical and easy to apply. Falcon has superior properties such as good bonding and better scratch resistance. It is a water-resistant plaster.

Raw Materials

Falcon is comprised of white cement; meticulously selected grades of stone fractions water proofing and bonding agents and various imported chemicals.

Procedure to USE

Walls on which Falcon is applied should be cleaned by water to neutralize, apply the prepared pasty slurry (Falcon mixed with 32%-35% of water) over the cleaned surface and allow it to dry for 6-8 hrs. The other coat must be applied at right angles to the direction of the first coat, after applying the other coat allow it to dry overnight.

Coverage Details

Plaster type in mm
1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0
40kg Falcon Bag 650sft 525sft 400sft 350sft 270sft

Special Features

  • No need to go white cement painting
  • Falcon is durable, excellent water resistant and water proofing properties.
  • Falcon can be applied on both new & old surface as it has excellent bonding properties.
  • Falcon gives more value for your emulsion and home.
  • Falcon is excellent for interior and exterior application.
  • Falcon has excellent scratch resistance on curing.
  • Falcon no curing required.
  • Falcon can be applied on the concrete and cement plastered surfaces.
  • Falcon has no wastage in Quantity.
  • Falcon has excellent smooth and silky finish to the walls.
  • Falcon prevents your Dream Home from moisture and rain.
  • Falcon reduces the Temperature inside the home when applying exterior.


Falcon Putty is excellent for application on interior & exterior walls. It is applied on both new and old wall surface after proper cleaning. After application the finish is smooth and does not require primer coat before application of emulsion.

It is odorless & antifungal. It does not require any curing after application. It has good adherence and water resistant, also can be applied on wet surfaces. Storage life is about 10-12 months. Store it in dry & cool place. It is non-toxic.

Depending upon the plastering of the surface, 1 Kg. of "FALCON" WALL PUTTY will cover area up to 2.5 thicknesses.

Falcon Putty pack available in 40 kg bulk economy pack.

How to Use

The surface should be made free from unwanted adhering materials with wire brush/emery paper/stone.

Mix the Falcon Putty thoroughly to get best results and prepare only that much quantity which can be consumed in 1 hour.

Make a paste of Falcon Putty with water and apply on the already moistened surface in upward direction uniformly with putty blade. On drying remove the projected marks gently with putty blade. After about 5-6 hrs and apply second coat of Falcon Putty. Allow the surface to dry completely and then rub the surface gently with very fine emery paper before application of paint.


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