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Perfect Corrosion Control
Anti Corrosive Chemical

We, Sri Meera Traders distribute a product of Concrete Corrosion Protection is widely demanded and appreciated by all Structural Engineers, Architect and Engineers for its brilliant features, its called CONCARE. Manufactured by M/s Ultra Pure Chemicals (P) Ltd, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu.


  • CONCARE gives 6 times better life to concrete when compared with normal cement morter.

Products Details

  • CONCARE invented by our Central Governement Corrosion Reaserach Institution (CENTRAL ELECTRO CHEMICALS RESEARCH INSTITUTE - CECRI).
  • CONCARE - Quality checked by quality controllers on various parameter like Gravimetric Study, Linear Polarization, Anodic Polarization, Peak Potential, Impedance Testing.

Product Description

CONCARE is a liquid concrete admixture; utilizing diffusing corrosion inhibitor technology, it protects steel reinforcing, carbon steel, and other metals used in reinforced concrete. Corrosion induced by carbonation, chloride and atmospheric attack can be prevented with the use of CONCARE. When incorporated into the concrete mix, CONCARE instantly forms a thin and stable protective layer on the metal rebar.  


Offers engineers, home owners, civil contractors proven corrosion inhibiting technology that will extend the life of all the reinforced concrete structures.

  • Protects against the harmful effects of corrosion.
  • Does not alter the physical properties of the concrete mix (air entrainment, set time and strength).
  • Safe to handle.
  • Tested and patented by Central Electrochemical Research Institute.
  • Cost effective.
  • Protects both the local anodic and cathodic areas in the steel rebar.
Diffuses throughout the concrete mix and protects the steel rebar by forming a thin and stable protecting film.

Where to Use

CONCARE is recommended for all commercial and domestic reinforced concrete structures, reinforced marine concrete structures and concrete piers, piles, pillars, pipe and utility poles.


Add to concrete mix during mixing at 250 ml per bag of cement. 


CONCARE can be added to the concrete at the construction site, at the ready-mix plant, directly to the ready-mix truck drum. Mix concrete and mortars thoroughly before pouring. 


  • Appearance:   Clear green to pale green liquid
  • pH:    8.0 – 9.0
  • Shelf Life:   10-12 months in a sealed can/barrel. 

Packagings & Storages

Product is available in  5, 10 liter cans and 50 liters barrel.


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